3 Southern Cats and Momma Net Worth: How The Internet Sensations Clawed Their Way to Financial Success


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In recent times, the digital sphere witnessed the rise of a new kind of celebrity – our furry companions. Among them, the trio known as the “3 Southern Cats” alongside their human counterpart, known as “Momma”, have carved a niche for themselves.

As of October 2023, their YouTube channel alone amassed a net worth of $211,087, with daily earnings averaging $865, thanks to their over 280,000 subscribers and nearly 200 videos​1​. Their journey began when Kristi Wright-Cates, the voice behind Momma, uploaded a narrated video on TikTok, which quickly caught the internet’s attention due to its humor and relatability​2​.

Ascending the Ladder of Digital Fame

The journey commenced on Valentine’s Day, when a video of two cats acting as though they were in a squabble was uploaded on TikTok. This was the inception of a series of humorous and engaging videos that quickly garnered attention online.

The cats, named Willow, Weezer, and Tigger, alongside Momma’s humorous narrative, became a source of joy and entertainment for many, particularly during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Monetizing Meows: The YouTube Journey

Transitioning to YouTube opened new vistas for monetization. With a growing subscriber base currently standing at over 280,000, their channel now boasts nearly 200 videos that cater to pet and lifestyle enthusiasts​1​.

The daily earnings from YouTube advertising alone stand at about $865, scaling up to a monthly income of around $26,298, and an annual figure hovering around $315,578. These figures reflect a combination of ad revenues, sponsored content, and product sales, although the exact breakdown remains undisclosed.

Expanding Pawprints: Diversifying Revenue Streams

Beyond YouTube, the feline family has a substantial following on Facebook, with about 631,000 followers, indicative of their widespread appeal​3​.

This online presence extends across multiple platforms, enabling diverse revenue streams which include merchandise sales and possibly sponsored content. The exact figures from these platforms are yet to be publicly disclosed, but they undoubtedly contribute to the financial kitty of 3 Southern Cats and Momma.

Engaging with the Furr-midable Community

Engagement with the audience is a crucial aspect of their success. The quirky and relatable narratives provided by Momma, coupled with the antics of the cats, create a formidable community of fans.

Their presence on social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok, besides YouTube, facilitates a deeper connection with the audience, ensuring a loyal following that eagerly anticipates each new upload.

The journey of 3 Southern Cats and Momma is a testament to the boundless opportunities the digital realm presents, not just for humans, but for our furry companions too.

Through creativity, humor, and strategic online engagement, they have not only entertained millions but have also carved a pathway to financial success.

Bridging Reality and the Virtual World

The seamless blend of reality with the whimsical world created by Momma’s narrations provides a unique proposition to audiences. Unlike regular pet channels, 3 Southern Cats and Momma bring forth a narrative that makes the feline characters relatable, almost human-like in their expressions and reactions.

This novel approach has paved the way for a more interactive and engaging viewer experience, creating a loyal community around their brand.

Harnessing Social Media Synergy

Leveraging the synergy between various social media platforms has been instrumental in the exponential growth of their brand. By cross-promoting content across YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook, 3 Southern Cats and Momma have managed to create a cohesive and recognizable brand image.

This multi-platform presence not only amplifies their reach but also fosters a community of dedicated followers, thus creating a virtuous cycle of growing viewership and engagement.

The Business of Feline Fame

The monetization journey of 3 Southern Cats and Momma extends beyond ad revenues and sponsored content. Merchandising is a significant aspect of their business model, allowing fans to own a piece of the whimsical world they adore.

Though the exact figures remain undisclosed, merchandise sales, coupled with potential book deals or TV appearances, present an avenue for substantial additional income.

Their journey showcases a blueprint for turning a simple idea into a sustainable business model with the right mix of creativity, authenticity, and strategic marketing.


The tale of 3 Southern Cats and Momma is a blend of creativity, strategic digital engagement, and the timeless appeal of feline companions.

Their journey from a single viral video to a burgeoning online empire showcases the potential of the digital realm in catapulting unique, authentic content to global fame.

The financial figures, though significant, merely skim the surface of the impact they have had in creating a joyful, whimsical escape for millions across the globe, thus redefining what it means to be an internet sensation in the modern digital age.

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